Radio programme: inventors

Throughout the first term, we have been working with the Industrial Revolution. After studying it, we separate in pairs. I first worked with Sol Bernusi, we worked with Ada Lovelace, an inventor from that period.

First, we did an interview:

-How did society react to you being an inventor? Considering you are breaking new grounds since you are a woman?

Society still isn’t ready for woman being important in any working aspect, it was even more complicated for me because my father was well known consequently more eyes were over me and my family, this attention I gained was mostly negative. We as women are expected to stand behind men, the head of the family, and not work if our family is not in an extreme need for us to do it. Me standing against all these social norms created some sort of disagreement from traditional families but I also hope that women can see that it’s possible to achieve their goals and together, little by little change this antiquated society.


-How is it for you to know that your father left you? Your mother shows so much love and caring for you!

Well, actually my mother knows that the fact that my father left us is accepted by society, because of this she shows herself this way towards society in order to match the image accepted. Yet she is not that way, in reality, we do not have a close relationship, in fact sometimes I was left in the care of Judith, my grandmother. The fact that my father left me affected mostly my mother, she did not want me to dedicate my life to such things as my father did. That’s why she imposed me to dedicate my life in such an opposite area, as mathematics. Although it’s not a happy memory in my life, I made the best out of it.


-You made very important contributions to the field of computer science, but do you think they will someday be really taken into account?

I really hope they will, I know that today no one knows me but my inventions are useful and veridic so if someone investigates this field they should take them into account.

It will help in several ways to society, and I wish they can be the basis for new inventions and creations. The fact that I am a woman changes the context, but someday This will change. I hope all the efforts made remain in history.


Then we join other pairs that had worked with inventors and created an opinion panel as regards the role of women. We recorded it, and here is the voicethread.